Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Develop Better Eating Habits

Food is the source of your body’s energy and wellness. Maintaining a well-balanced diet is vital for your long-term health, as well as enjoying your day-to-day life. However, some individuals struggle with consuming a nutritious diet because of various psychological or physical conditions. For some, eating is tedious, complicated by a limited diet, or difficult due to a constant battle against negative, self-shaming thoughts.

When you find yourself struggling to eat healthily or feel that receiving expert advice could improve your diet, consider nutrition counseling at Counseling Works. We offer nutrition counseling under our registered dietitian, Colleen O’Sullivan! Her knowledge of eating disorders and nutrition will help you find peace with your body and guide you in your journey towards healthy eating.

What is Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition counseling, sometimes called dietary counseling, is a form of therapy that helps an individual develop and maintain healthy eating habits. The method to achieve this depends on your goals. In general, the goal of nutrition counseling is to increase one’s health and wellbeing, which usually involves making adjustments to your diet. For instance, you might seek nutrition counseling if you want to lose weight or manage a chronic disease. A dietician will work with you to create a plan to improve your diet, help you reach your goals, and boost the quality of your life.

How Can a Dietitian Help Me?

Often, clients will work with a counselor on developing self-regulating behaviors and a healthier mindset about food. Here’s what to expect from nutrition counseling:

Do I Need Nutrition Counseling?

There are many reasons an individual might seek nutrition counseling. No two cases are the same. However, while needs vary among people, nutrition counseling is often beneficial for those who face mental or physical roadblocks in healthy eating. Those who have been diagnosed with certain chronic diseases may also find themselves struggling to maintain a healthy diet or weight. Some conditions that impact diet and nutrition include:

How Does Nutrition Counseling Help?

Any condition that limits your diet or complicates eating in some way is enough reason to receive nutrition counseling. We encourage you to reach out to our dietician to see how nutrition counseling can improve your wellbeing.

Nutrition counseling is also beneficial for those looking to manage their weight. The weight loss journey is often a long one – there’s nothing wrong with receiving help. A dietician will help you manage your caloric intake, so you safely lose weight.

Ready to Work with a Registered Dietician?

If you think nutrition counseling would be beneficial for you, Counseling Works is ready to help! To speak with Colleen or another one of our staff members, call us today. We’ll gladly schedule an intake appointment and answer your questions.

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