Postpartum Counseling

Postpartum – It’s More Than Depression

The transition to parenthood can bring many challenges. Often, new moms have expectations of what this time in their life will look like, such as falling instantly in love with their newborn baby, but unfortunately, real-life doesn’t always live up to our expectations. If you’re having difficulty after the birth of a child, postpartum counseling may be beneficial. At Counseling Works, we have clinicians who are skilled at working with new moms to gain a sense of peace and fulfillment, develop close bonds with their children, and generally become the parents they know their kids deserve.

Why Would I Consider Postpartum Therapy?

Motherhood is challenging and emotionally demanding. Moms are often looked to as the primary source of comfort and care, but many mothers find it difficult to fulfill this role. Some moms also find it hard to ask for help because they feel like it’s their responsibility to give their children everything they need. They may experience feelings of guilt for not connecting to the baby right away, have difficulty navigating the transition to motherhood, or simply feel like they can’t do this whole motherhood thing. Therapy is a beneficial way of dealing with any difficult life transition, including becoming a parent, and postpartum counseling sessions are an opportunity for new moms to develop self-compassion, improve confidence in their ability to be good parents, and continue to grow and develop as their own, independent person.

Do I Have the Baby Blues?

Many women experience what is called the “Baby Blues,” which can include weepiness, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating in the first week after giving birth. Approximately 50-80% of moms will experience minor cases of the Baby Blues. Between 15 and 20% of moms experience more significant symptoms of postpartum depression, anxiety, or psychosis. Unfortunately, very few moms seek or receive adequate treatment for these conditions. If you’re having difficulty getting through the Baby Blues or you’re not feeling like your best self, the Counseling Works team would love to hear from you. Some of the signs you’re dealing with Baby Blue or other postpartum struggles include:

How Does Postpartum Counseling Help?

Therapy can really help to alleviate some of the stress, big emotions, and difficulties with changes related to becoming a new mother. Some specific things your counselor can help with related to postpartum issues include:

Ready to Start Being the Mom You Want for Your Child?

Every mom deserves support, especially during this rewarding yet difficult time. If you or someone you love is struggling with symptoms of a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder or other related conditions, please reach out. We are here to help you through your journey of recovery.

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