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Therapists Help Restore Your Power Over Anxious Feelings, Thoughts & Behaviors

Anxiety is a common concern for many people, and while a little anxiety before a big life event can be beneficial, high levels of anxiety are hard on your mind and body. If you deal with elevated levels of anxiety regularly, you know how much control these feelings can have over what you feel capable of doing. Anxiety and anxious thinking can make you feel paralyzed, but you can regain balance and control in your life by understanding and addressing the impact of anxiety. At Counseling Works, our therapists can help you find relief from anxiety and start experiencing more joy and fulfillment in your daily life again.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a general term for nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry that we experience in uncertain situations. It is a normal part of life that propels us into a “fight or flight” reaction. But sometimes our reactionary actions result in fears and worries that overtake us, thus interrupting our daily life. We can also feel the physical effects of anxiety in our bodies. Anxiety causes individuals to avoid places, situations or even people that trigger these feelings in an attempt to escape those unpleasant feelings. Dealing with anxiety is a crucial component of the happiness we all seek.

Are You Struggling with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural response that keeps us safe, helps us be more productive, and pushes us to do better in many situations. Too much anxiety, however, can leave us feeling powerless to do just about anything. Anxiety can take the joy out of just about anything, leaving you instead worrying about what could go wrong before an event, fearing you’re not doing something right during the event, then replaying the event and analyzing everything you did after. Anxiety is exhausting. If you’re not sure that anxiety is what you’re struggling with, answer the following questions about the common side effects of anxiety:

  • Do you experience excessive worry?
  • Do you frequently feel a desire to shut down or disengage from your surroundings?
  • Do you have trouble controlling racing thoughts?
  • Do you often experience irritability, fatigue, or distraction?
  • Do you have problems sleeping (sleep too much, can’t fall asleep, have nightmares, or wake up many times throughout the night)?

How Does Therapy for Anxiety Help?

Our Counseling Works therapists are committed to providing you with the skills needed to halt the overwhelming effects of anxiety today. During therapy for anxiety, a Counseling Works therapist will assist you in:

  • Identifying triggers and the causes of anxiety
  • Learning new coping techniques to effectively handle these triggers
  • Reframing problems and overcoming obstacles with a plan
  • Facing difficult problems



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