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At Counseling Works, our therapists may encourage clients to employ yoga techniques to benefit their mental health. According to the American Psychological Association “yoga may help strengthen social attachments, reduce stress and relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia.” Simply Yoga is a wonderful studio serving the greater Lemont area that allows clients to experience this benefit. They offer all levels of yoga from beginner to advanced, often in a warm environment (about 85’ F). Owner Susan Bowen-Cressman opened Simply Yoga Lemont about 8 years ago as the first yoga studio in Lemont. She says she just opened the door, and the community made the studio what it has become. Susan noted about 75% of those who attended her classes early on knew little about yoga. Now, it was said by a class attendee that Simply Yoga is part of her heart…almost a religious experience in the way the classes make her feel. Simply Yoga can be reached at 630-410-2228 or visit their website.


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