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We had the pleasure of chatting with Kelly Garver, Sterk Family Law Group. Kelly explained all the wonderful things Gwendolyn Sterk and her one of a kind team have been doing for the community for many years! Gwendolyn has practiced law for 30+ years. She began Sterk Family Law Group in 2015 to provide a holistic approach to all facets of Family Law, as well as Estate Planning. With this, her team empowers clients to move forward with their life with dignity. They also support the community by gathering a wealth of information in their unique Resource Center. This Center provides options of trusted professionals in the community to help you on your journey. To learn more about Sterk Family Law Group, to discuss scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation or to become a member of the Sterk Family Law Group Resource Center, please visit or call 815-600-8950.


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