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The Legacy Ranch, Lockport, IL was established in 2017 to provide equine-assisted therapy. They, along with their partners, provide PATH-certified therapeutic-riding, equine-assisted mental health therapy, along with Occupational and Physical Therapy for such groups as Veterans, foster children and others with special needs. The Legacy Ranch also hosts corporate team building, riding lessons, classes/camps, parties and other events. The facility came about from the tragic death of equestrian and philanthropist Anne Swaney. Anne believed that horses can heal and all people deserve help. In fact, according to Kate Rasmussen, Executive Director, Equine-Assisted Therapy has proven successful when many other forms of therapy have failed. The science behind this experiential therapy is two-fold. Working with these animals helps to make therapy seem less clinical and makes it more enjoyable and relaxing for the clients where it triggers a part of the brain that isn’t triggered with traditional therapies. Additionally, the horse’s heart beats more slowly than that of the human. The electromagnetic field that their heart puts off is stronger than ours and can help to influence our own heart rates to help slow it down and relieve anxiety and make us feel better when working with them. This wonderful organization can be reached at 630-601-8920 or visit


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