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Anxiety Therapist in Lemont

Do you often feel overwhelmed or frozen in place? Are you struggling with poor sleep, forgetfulness or physical sensations such as shaky hands? If worrying has taken over your life, you may have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can be beneficial in small amounts, but if you feel as though your life is spiraling out of control, it’s time to visit our team at Counseling Works. Our anxiety therapist in Lemont will help you come to terms with anxiety and find coping mechanisms that work for you. 

Do I Have Anxiety?

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. Anxiety is a natural response to dangerous situations or threats. Our body prepares itself to defend or run away, which you may recognize as the “fight or flight” response. However, some individuals experience these sensations on a much more severe level than the average person.

  • Racing thoughts that are often irrational
  • Physical symptoms, including trembling, nausea, headaches and shallow breathing
  • Lack of concentration
  • Withdrawing from social situations
  • Avoiding situations that trigger anxiety

If your worries prevent you from accomplishing tasks, whether they are personal or professional, you may have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety manifests differently for each person, so it is a subjective experience. Speaking to a counselor is one of the best ways to reign in your stress. We’ll teach you effective stress management skills so you can continue to move forward.

How an Anxiety Therapist in Lemont Can Help

Therapy is beneficial for individuals with anxiety. Talking to a trusted counselor about your fears lets you gain a better understanding of what worries you. At Counseling Works, our therapy services help you build confidence so you can live freely. 

Therapy also uncovers the reasoning behind your fears. We go in-depth to get at the root of the problem. Many causes of anxiety are related to unresolved trauma or a negative experience. Some individuals develop anxiety after an incident that triggers the issue. In other cases, you may simply be genetically predisposed to anxiety. No matter what your exact situation is, we can help. 

Counseling Works Supports You During Life’s Uncertain Moments

Anxiety is often challenging. No two individuals experience anxiety identically, so your struggles may be different. But know that you aren’t alone: our therapists approach your situation individually. We consider your unique circumstances to develop a strategy that effectively relieves your anxiety while boosting your well-being. 

Counseling Works uses talk therapy to discuss your challenges. When you have anxiety, it may be challenging to put your feelings into words. However, a therapist can help you explore those feelings rather than repressing them. Since anxiety is felt uniquely by you, you take charge of your healing. Our therapists are simply there as the guide to get you through the dark.

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No matter what challenges life throws at you, Counseling Works has your back. If you are dealing with anxiety or uncertainty, our trusted team is here to help. Call us today to schedule an appointment with an anxiety therapist in Lemont. 


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