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Therapy Sessions & Support for Chicagoland During COVID-19

Thanks for visiting Counseling Works online. During this difficult time, we know that many of our friends and neighbors in Chicagoland are struggling, and our clinicians want to do everything we can to offer continued support while protecting the health and safety of our clients and clinicians. For this reason, we are offering telehealth therapy sessions (virtual online appointments) at this time. We intend to resume in-office sessions soon, but we’ll be sending out updates as the situation progresses.

Keep reading or get started scheduling your telehealth session using our therapy portal or call our team at (630) 281-2496. You can also call or email your therapist directly.

We’re Offering Continued Support for Existing Clients Via Telehealth Sessions

If you’re already a client at Counseling Works, your therapist should be in touch soon with information about the switch to telehealth sessions. We use the system for telehealth in most cases. Each clinician has their own link for virtual sessions. Your therapist email will include information about using the system and you can find out more about what to expect in our blog. If you haven’t heard from your clinician 24 hours before your next session, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Apart from the way sessions are conducted, nothing else will change for our existing clients. Your session times, payment method, and other processes will all remain the same.

Our Clinicians are Accepting New Clients Now!

While many offices are not taking on new clients, we know that a lot of people finally have the time they’ve needed to get started in therapy. If you’re ready to start working toward greater self-awareness, increased satisfaction with your daily life, or achieving any other therapy goal – we’re here for you.

We Offer Flexible Telehealth Options

While we use the system to ensure HIPAA compliance and protect our clients’ privacy, we know that these unprecedented times may mean some unexpected lag times and loss of service for commonly used telehealth programs like For this reason, we are trying to remain flexible to help our clients when they need us. If you are unable to access your clinician via, we can accommodate sessions using other video conferencing tools (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) or over the phone.

At the end of the day, these options may not offer the same level of security and privacy, but we can help you take steps to improve the security of these applications when we need to use them. For our team, the highest priority is always placed on protecting our clients’ health and safety, and we will do everything we can to ensure you receive the necessary support when you need us.

Staying Healthy is a Priority Now More than Ever

Remember, staying healthy at any time means washing hands regularly, getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, sleeping 7 to 9 hours, eating healthy, and cutting back on alcohol, stress eating, and other less-than-healthy coping mechanisms.

For your emotional and mental health, keep the 90-second effect in mind. Research shows that emotional response activates a chemical process that lasts 90 seconds. When you experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and other big emotions surrounding the current situation, rather than ignoring these feelings or holding onto them, sit with these emotions for 90 seconds. Set a timer. Take a breath. Acknowledge how you’re feeling. When the timer goes off, do something else. Take a walk (even if it’s around your house), call a friend, or find some other quick way to relax and reset your thinking.

Ready to Get Started?

There’s no time like the present. If you’re already experiencing lockdown fever, take advantage of your extra time at home to do some emotional spring cleaning – and maybe some actual spring cleaning. The Counseling Works team is here to partner with you during COVID-19 lockdown and after we’re ready to get back out into the world. Start exploring how your life can be more fulfilling. Contact one of our three Chicagoland practices to learn more or schedule your telehealth session today.

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