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It is never easy being a tween or a teen, but today there are many more social influences that can affect a young person’s emotional development. Young people have not had enough life experience to develop effective coping skills when the waters get rough. Issues like low self-esteem, high anxiety, and depression need to be addressed as soon as possible. At Counseling Works in Lisle, our trained counselors provide an emotionally safe environment for tweens and teens to explore their feelings, relationships and learn healthy coping techniques as they navigate through the struggles of adolescence.

A child counselor has been trained to work with children and has the skills and techniques to help your child develop positive coping skills and increase self-esteem. Your child will learn how to solve problems and discover when to use these skills effectively.

Behaviors That May Warrant Therapy

Pre-adolescence and adolescence is a time in human development when feelings, emotions and physical development is out of sync. Adolescence can be very emotional for your child, and it can be difficult for you to know if it is just a phase your child is going through or if therapy is warranted. The following are symptoms that may indicate a problem that child counseling can correct or help with:

  • Behaves aggressively very often
  • Suffers incontinence
  • Shows signs of being socially awkward
  • Experiences frequent nightmares and sleep difficulties
  • Stops performing at school
  • Exhibits constant worrying
  • Feels loss of joy in once-loved activities
  • Shows noticeable weight loss
  • Adopts obsessive behaviors
  • Expresses ideas of suicide
  • Hears voices
  • Harms him or herself
  • Uses alcohol or drugs

If your child exhibits any behavior like these examples, it is time to make an appointment to meet with a child counselor. It is the first step to take to free your child from the emotional struggle he or she is experiencing. Sometimes children do not want to discuss their feelings and emotions with their parents once they get to a certain age.  If this is the case, then finding a trustworthy child counselor will be a benefit to your child and you too. You will be comforted in knowing your child has found someone to open to about what is going on in his or her life.

Help Your Child by Visiting a Lisle Child Counselor

From time to time, your child may benefit from talking with a child counselor to get through a tough time. Talking through problems is especially true for tweens and teens. An experienced child counselor can make a big difference in your child’s emotional health. Contact our team at Counseling Works in Lisle today to set up an appointment for your child with us.  


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