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Marriage Counseling in Frankfort, IL

It’s been said that no relationship is perfect, yet many married couples feel pressured to make the relationship as “perfect” as possible. If your relationship is going through a difficult time, you’ll find the support you need at Counseling Works. We offer professional marriage counseling services in Frankfort, IL. Discussing your concerns with a neutral third party is often beneficial for married couples looking to move past a fight or to repair their relationship.  

Reasons Couples Choose Marriage Counseling

When you’re facing relationship difficulties, it’s understandable to feel upset or confused. We encourage couples to try marriage counseling before making any significant decisions, such as separation or divorce. The choice to go to counseling itself is an indication that you and your partner want to improve. 

Relationships of all kinds are complicated, and marriage is no exception. It’s the joining of two individuals with their own unique struggles, so it’s normal to occasionally have tension or disagreements. In many cases, it’s a matter of learning to communicate better and handle difficulties as they arrive. Some of the most common reasons married couples choose therapy include:

  • Rebuilding trust after infidelity
  • Forming better connections 
  • Improving intimacy
  • Working through hardships together

No matter what you and your partner’s reasons are, one of our licensed marriage therapists at Counseling Works can promote a stronger, happier marriage. Our therapists are trained to identify the core of you and your partner’s relationship problems, providing insight as to why your relationship is strained. 

What to Expect

Counseling can be a vulnerable time, especially when someone else is there with you. We want both parties to be able to voice any concerns. Don’t feel bad if that during your session, you and your partner end up raising your voices. A therapist will act as a mediator who can listen to both of your honest thoughts. 

There are a number of goals you and your partner may be trying to achieve through marriage counseling, whether that involves identifying unproductive communication choices, dismantling power imbalances or understanding you and your partner’s differences. Therapy sessions are meant to dig deep and find the root of the issue. You might feel a bit uncomfortable with having these issues pulled into the light, but know that it’s helpful in the long run. 

Be sure to set reasonable expectations. It’s unlikely that a single counseling session will turn your relationship around. A key factor in a marriage’s potential is whether both partners are willing to work hard together to improve communication, commitment and trust. Together, both of you can learn more about each other—and yourselves—and understand how to meet your individual needs.    

Call for Marriage Counseling in Frankfort, IL

At Counseling Works, you can depend on a team of compassionate therapists to help you and your partner improve your relationship. With a therapist on your side, you’ll explore trust issues, disagreements and any other concerns that your marriage faces. Schedule an appointment with us today to get marriage counseling in Frankfort, IL. 


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