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Marriage Therapy Near Me

While marriage is often a source of partnership and love, it’s common to come across hurdles along the way. Married couples may love each other strongly, yet still find themselves struggling to resolve arguments and other interpersonal challenges they feel unprepared for. If you need insight, Counseling Works provides the answers you need to improve your relationship. We help couples delve into their relationship’s foundation and understand how to overcome unexpected challenges. Through therapy, you can resolve intimacy issues, recurring arguments, heal after infidelity and more. Choose our team for effective advice. 

Common Relationship Roadblocks in a Marriage

Many of us think about marriage through a very romanticized lens. We dream of having the “perfect” relationship with our partner, which usually presumes a lack of arguments and nothing but positive emotions. However, there are many unrealistic expectations about what a marriage “should” look like. Before abandoning your relationship, talk to an experienced counselor who can help you develop healthy expectations in your marriage. 

A few common relationship roadblocks include: 

  • Infidelity. If infidelity has rocked your relationship, talking to a counselor can be very beneficial. There are many challenges to overcome in repairing trust, but with our help it is possible. Let us understand the causes of your infidelity and how to patch the wounds. 
  • Communication Issues. Do you have trouble speaking about your concerns with your partner? Poor communication can cause a rift in the relationship since strong bonds are founded on vulnerability. We can help you speak about your thoughts in our office and act as mediators. 
  • Frequent Disagreements. It’s normal to disagree from time to time. People naturally have differences in beliefs, but in a healthy marriage, these contrasts do not affect how you and your partner communicate. On the other hand, constant arguments can lead to a host of negative feelings that are hard to work through. Let us help you better understand what you’re dealing with. 

Here at Counseling Works, we have worked with couples across every stage of their marriage. Whether you were recently engaged or have been together for decades, know that therapy can help you resolve whatever challenges you’ve come across. We can help you and your partner communicate your true feelings in a safe environment. As a result, you can freely speak your concerns while also hearing your partner’s side of the matter. 

Why Choose Counseling Works?

Counseling Works is a team of compassionate therapists dedicated to bettering the lives of our patients. We help married couples no matter what stage they’re at. We utilize effective therapy techniques to help clients understand thought patterns and how those impact their behaviors with their spouse. Over time, you’ll develop a better understanding of yourself, your marriage and the value it provides in your life. As a result, you can deepen your connection and move forward to a healthier bond. 

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Counseling Works can help you and your partner settle your disagreements and improve your bond. Call today to learn more about “marriage therapy near me.”


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