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Nutrition Counseling in Plainfield

Are you having trouble staying on top of your diet? Is a health condition making it difficult for you to eat a balanced diet? A Counseling Works therapist may be able to help! We offer nutrition counseling in Plainfield for anyone struggling to maintain a healthy weight or diet. If you’re interested in nutrition counseling and would like to learn more, give us a call. One of our staff members will get in touch and help you schedule your very first appointment.

How Does Nutrition Counseling Work? 

Just like any other form of therapy, nutrition counseling looks different based on your goals. Typically, no matter what brings you into our office, the overall goal is a healthier you, both mentally and physically. Over the course of several appointments, you and your therapist will discuss your progress and any difficulties you’re facing. Your therapist may help monitor your food intake, suggest healthier alternatives, or help devise a diet plan that meets your needs. This may involve recording the foods you eat or setting a weekly exercise goal. Many of our clients face similar goals: 

  •     Coping with eating disorders, like anorexia, bulimia or EDNOS
  •     Looking to gain, lose or maintain weight
  •     Develop a diet plan that works for their digestive issues or allergies
  •     Work towards a fitness goal, such as participating in a marathon

Reasons to Try Nutrition Counseling in Plainfield 

Nutrition counseling is helpful for people struggling to maintain a healthy diet. There are numerous reasons an individual may seek this form of therapy. Some people have physical problems, like chronic digestive issues, which makes it difficult for them to eat a variety of food groups. Others may have eating disorders or are trying to lose weight with health in mind. No matter why you’re seeking nutrition counseling, here’s how a therapist can help: 

  •     Expertise. If you’re trying to change your diet on your own, you may not even know where to start. Our nutrition therapist is certified to give professional nutrition advice to our clients. She will listen to your concerns and learn about your background before providing insight into what diet changes would be helpful. 
  •     Accountability. Losing weight or fixing poor eating habits can be challenging. Fortunately, it becomes easier when there’s someone to hold you accountable for your choices. You’ll progress to your goals when you have a counselor there to work you through any rough patches or slip-ups. 
  •     Support. A therapist provides a shoulder to lean on, as well as someone who can help you identify and utilize your support system. You can freely discuss any negative thoughts about yourself and receive assistance if you’re struggling with an eating disorder.  

Talk to a Plainfield Nutrition Counselor Now 

Counseling Works is dedicated to every client who needs our help. When you receive nutrition counseling in Plainfield at our office, you are choosing to change your life for the better. Our nutrition counselor will help you develop healthy habits that improve your life in the long run. Book an intake appointment through our online scheduling service or by giving us a call!


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