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Counseling Through Relationship Roadblocks for Dating Couples

Find a Way Past Relationship Roadblocks to More Fulfilling Partnerships

Our relationship therapy for dating couples can offer a supportive space for couples who need to work through recurring relationship issues. When you work with one of the Counseling Works therapists, you will learn about your personal attachment style, love language, and identify your relationship patterns and that of your partner. Increasing this knowledge and understanding of how you interact with the relationship will help you achieve more effective communication, develop stronger interpersonal connections, and achieve overall happiness within your relationship. As a team, we will identify and work through the current and potential roadblocks in your relationship to help you develop and sustain healthy partnerships.

What is a Relationship Roadblock?

A relationship roadblock is any issue that can halt the progress of your relationship. In some cases, this is a serious difference in relationship goals like different ideas about how many children you want, where you want to live, or other big future plans. In other situations, relationship roadblocks may seem less serious, but they, ultimately, limit your ability to connect with your partner. Some common relationship roadblocks include:

  • Feeling you don’t have anything in common
  • Failing to be present with your partner
  • Having different communication styles and not understanding your partner’s
  • Being unable to respond appropriately to your partner’s cues
  • Struggling with intimacy (physical and emotional)
  • Communicating poorly (listening and speaking)
  • Lacking empathy for your partner

How Does Therapy Help with Relationship Roadblocks?

Even couples who feel they are extremely compatible can run into trouble when they encounter stressful, unexpected circumstances. Our therapists seek to offer hope, insights, and skills to help them navigate the ups and downs of relationships. During counseling for relationship roadblocks, a Counseling Works therapist will:

  • Help you define your attachment style
  • Give you the tools to identify your love language
  • Explore your ability to form deep, meaningful connections with others
  • Help you identify and work through past relationship patterns
  • Improve communication and learn to better advocate for your needs
  • Assist you in identifying and healing old wounds
  • Challenge your fears and break free from painful patterns
  • Help you develop and invent the new you
  • Assist you in reigniting your passion for life as a couple
  • Work through your relationship patterns and create a better understanding of your needs as individuals as well as a couple

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