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Therapy for Anxiety Near Naperville

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, but some individuals face ongoing, overwhelming stress. Whether you’ve recently developed anxiety or if it’s something you’ve been struggling with for years, Counseling Works is here for you. We offer a supportive environment where you can work through your anxiety with our compassionate therapists. Learn more about our therapy for anxiety near Naperville by calling us today.  

What Is Anxiety, and Why Do We Experience It?

In simple terms, anxiety is a physiological process that occurs when our bodies detect danger. Anxiety is a reaction developed to protect us from immediate threats. Our hearts beat faster to pump more blood to our brain and extremities. Our breathing increases to bring in more oxygen as our bodies prepare to flee or fight the threat. These symptoms are a part of what is called a “panic attack,” an extreme flight or fight response to stress. 

However, everyone experiences anxiety differently, and no two individuals cope with it in the same way. Anxiety is caused by any number of events, people or situations. You may notice that it gets worse when you have a lot going on in your life, especially if you feel like things are out of control.

Steps to Coping With Anxiety

Just like any negative emotion, you may feel tempted to ignore your anxiety. But suppressing your feelings can lead to a longer road to recovery. Ignoring your anxiety will not make it go away. In fact, neglecting to take care of yourself can make your anxiety worse. Openly talking about your anxiety, as well as identifying healthy coping mechanisms, will help you deal with your feelings proactively. 

Start by taking care of your physical needs. Do you eat a healthy, balanced diet? Have you been getting enough sleep? Do you take breaks and give yourself a moment to simply breathe each day? Taking care of yourself will help you take small steps towards regaining a sense of control and safety. 

In addition to self-care, talking with a therapist is one of the best things you can do when dealing with anxiety. Here’s how therapy can help a stressed individual:

  • Understand Your Feelings. Stress is a complex, multi-layered emotion. You may feel a string of negative emotions, including self-doubt, frustration, uncertainty and more. Recognizing your emotions, and learning how to deal with them, will make it easier to calm yourself down the next time you experience severe anxiety. Our therapists will help you make sense of your feelings. 
  • Identify What Makes You Feel Better. We can’t control the thoughts we experience, but we have power over how we react to them. Part of overcoming anxiety is learning what makes you feel better. Focus on the present moment, and utilize coping tools like breathing exercises. Working with a therapist helps you take steps towards living life happily and confidently again. 
  • Express Your Emotions. Bottling up your anxiety is not healthy. Having someone to talk to is important, especially if that individual is a mental health professional. We utilize credible exercises to help you deal with your worst symptoms. 

Our Therapy for Anxiety Near Naperville Will Help You Regain Your Confidence

If anxiety has made it difficult to live in the present, consider trying our therapy for anxiety near Naperville at Counseling Works. Our therapists will work with you towards your goals. We believe a support system goes a long way when you’re struggling with anxiety, and we’re proud to be the therapists that you rely on. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 


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