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Everyday tasks can create insurmountable stress in someone’s life. This is especially true when daily stress is combined with chronic stress from emotionally tolling or traumatic situations. Stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain caused by adverse events. This stress can manifest in unhealthy ways that may be detrimental to the body. Learning how to cope with your stress through stress management techniques can prevent future mental and physical harm. If you are looking for therapy for stress in Bolingbrook, the experienced counselors at Counseling Works will teach you the techniques you need for success. 

How Stress Affects Your Body

While stress is a response to external stimuli, it can significantly strain your body and lead to physical complications. When you experience stress, your body releases various hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. As these hormones are released, your body is no longer at equilibrium, and you enter the “fight or flight” stage. If you experience constant stress levels, the amount of stress hormones in your body will remain high, and it may not return to its normal state quickly. When this happens, a person may experience chronic fatigue, headaches, memory and concentration issues, mood changes, and weight loss or gain. Further, prolonged stress may be linked to cardiovascular disorders, mental health disorders, reproductive system dysfunction, diabetes, decreased immune health, and cancer.

Thus, constant stress can harm the body and learning to manage your stress may help you reach a more comfortable and stable state of living. There are many stress management techniques, and at Counseling Works we’ll help you find the right ones. 

Common Stress Management Techniques

Short-term stress can be managed in a variety of ways. Not all techniques will work for everybody, so it’s important to keep trying stress management methods if one does not work well for you. For example, to manage immediate stress, deep breathing is often effective. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and allows your body to transition out of the “fight or flight” stage. Additionally, eating a healthy snack may help relieve pain or fatigue caused by low blood sugar, often associated with increased stress. Lastly, finding someone to talk to can help decrease stress by allowing yourself to express any pent-up emotions.

Managing chronic stress, on the other hand, may pose more challenges. Therapeutic options are often helpful in coping with stress in such situations.

Therapeutic Options for Stress Management

You are not alone if you are having a tough time coping with your stress. Millions of people each year face stressful situations that benefit from clinician assistance. Two common stress management treatment forms include cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, and acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT. Both focus on promoting positive changes in life but vary in their application. An experienced clinician, like at Counseling Works, will help you determine what type or types of treatment you may benefit from.

Reach Out to a Counselor Today

Stress can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Take the first step towards managing stress by reaching out to a counselor. An experienced counselor, like those at Counseling Works, know exactly how to support you in finding the best techniques for your stress management. To talk to us, contact us today and kickstart your healing.


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