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Reaching an impasse in your life where you feel stuck and unable to move forward isn’t something to be ashamed or embarrassed about; in fact, roadblocks in life are common, and something that we all experience. No matter what this hurdle in your life is–a difficult relationship, a change in circumstance, the diagnosis of a serious illness, stress from work and family pressure, or something else entirely–our Wheaton therapists can help you to develop the tools and strategies you need for effective management of your feelings and your actions.

Why People Seek Therapy

No two people seek therapy for the exact same reason; each person has individual struggles, feelings, and challenges in their life. However, most people do seek therapy because they want to acquire tools for dealing with the obstacles and challenges in their life or want to find out how to get more out of themselves or their life. At Counseling Works, our team of therapists in Wheaton offer myriad counseling services, including:

Our services specialize in numerous common causes of stress and depression, including workshops focusing on anxiety, postpartum depression, stress management, and pre-marital counseling; couples therapy with focuses on depression, grief and loss, and relationship issues; and individual therapy for adolescents and adults with specific focuses on trauma and PTSD, eating disorders, as well as general stress and anxiety management. Our Wheaton therapists are qualified to offer services to patients who are struggling with one of the above, as well as issues not listed.

How Our Wheaton Therapists Guide You

Working with a qualified therapist in Wheaton can help you to flush out and address traumas and negative experiences that are holding you back, assist you in enhancing your relationships and your coping skills, and ultimately lead a happier, higher quality life where you believe you are being the best version of yourself.

We work with our patients to form achievable goals. We focus primarily on how early life experiences can influence adult beliefs and the teaching of mindfulness-based strategies that are empowering. These strategies include learning how to be in control of your own thoughts and feelings (rather than being owned by them), learning how to make decisions from a thoughtful place rather than an emotional one, and learning how to identify your own emotions, biases, and feelings to better understand where your emotions are coming from.

Learn More About Counseling Works Today

Taking control of your life starts with taking action. At Counseling Works, we are passionate about guiding individuals, adolescents, and couples along their journey to greater self-fulfillment and happiness. To learn more about our counseling services, please send us a message today with any questions, or refer to our page on frequently asked questions. You can make an appointment by calling our office directly at 630-281-2496. We know that taking the first steps can be scary – our team of Wheaton therapists and staff offers the support you need.


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