How to beat the holiday blues

Now that the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone and the winter jackets have come out, the holiday season has officially begun.

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, right? Cozy fires, hot cocoa, presents, and some extra days off work, what could go wrong? However, there is the idealized version of the holidays we see on TV and in movies, and the version that the rest of us live – real life.

This time of year is often so busy and stressful. Some people don’t get a chance to actually sit down and enjoy the things that make the holiday season magical in the first place. It seems like a never ending stream of holiday parties, countless hours shopping for the perfect gifts, and tying up all the loose ends before the year comes to a close.

The holidays are also an emotional time. There’s the natural reflection that the end of the year brings, so it’s easy to get in the habit of overthinking all that’s happened in the last 12 months. There is a lot of family time for many people around the holidays, and seeing so many relatives can dredge up a lot of emotions, good or bad. And folks who find themselves alone for the holidays may be struggling during this time of the year. put together a fantastic resource for fighting stress during the holidays. There are techniques for dealing with family and colleagues, nutrition tips, and suggestions to help your physical and mental state that you may never have thought of before!

Give it a read. There are so many different ideas there, hopefully you’ll find one that works for you!

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