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Couples & Relationships, Trauma/PTSD, Personal Growth, Mindfulness & Body Connection

Location: Frankfort / Chicago Heights

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive experience working with individuals who have gone through a traumatic event, including veterans, first responders, law enforcement officers, and survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. I am also passionate about working with relationship issues, and have specific training to work with families, couples & relationships.

I help clients build tools to have more secure attachments to others to cultivate fulfilling and trusting partnerships, which is especially relevant for first responders and law enforcement who have had to learn how to detach from relationships to cope with the difficult experiences they face in their careers. I believe that the connection we have with our bodies is relevant to both trauma and attachment work, so I also teach clients how to stay grounded and step into their bodies.

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches with my clients, and have a Gottman Level 1 certification for couples work. I have a background in neuroscience, which helps me blend the art of psychology with the science of brain functioning in my work.

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